About Us

Stream to anyone,anywhere

Built on LivePeer's transformative technology, we allow you to stream live to anyone regardless of their software capabilities. We believe in a decentralized world, and makiong streaming available to anyone is a step forward in that. Additionally, due to the decentralized system, you will control how and where your stream gets monteized and commercialized.

Restrict your content through Unlock

Lock your content using Unlock and monetize how you see fit. FreeStream lets you have control, not a third party.

Upload data to Textile and Filecoin

FreeStream levarages Textile/Filecoin, allowing you to store photos,videos,files, and special memories using Textile's bucket framework. Stake your own FIL for access to special storage with Filecoin's deal protocol.


FreeStream is looking to revolutionize the streaming business with a protocol that rewards content-creators and works for users. We build on open-source software created by the amazing blockchain community to help our user-base take back ownership.

How we got started

We are a submission at the 2021 Web3 Weekend Hackathon sponsored by ETHGlobal. We were given various bounties using the software discussed above. Our goal was to build a minimum-viable-product of something that managed to use different platforms while having potential to grow into something that will benefit mankind through the use of blockchain.

Our thinking

As described in our white-paper, our thinking process very much focused on leveraging existing software through an academic perspective to create a product that will be useful. We used these technoligies out of an intense desire to learn and help spred the word about the great work being done on the Ethereum Blockchain using Web3!

Video Demo for Streaming Application

View an example of our streaming application here!

Video Demo of Uploading Textile Application

If the main Textile demo does not work, you can view our video demo to get an idea of what its all about!


What Can be Improved?

This is a demo page built to showcase our software, which was all developed over 48 hours during the hackathon. Namely, we wish we were able to....

Deploy the video-streaming live. direction
Fix a couple of bugs with the deployment of the Textile upload
Create a more well put-together infrastructure


Things we did not get to, but we wish we could have

Our inital plan when we first started the hackathon was definetly a lot more ambitious. Because of time contraisnts, we were not able to implement some of the software that we wanted to:

NFT Token for participation using POAP
Voting with Chainlink to make FreeStream a DAO
Use of the Graph to allow content-creators to view analytics
Better integration of MetaMask for streamers